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Illustrations by Elizabeth Anderson

“Minnesota’s Alt-Meat Revolution"

“Minnesota’s Alt-Meat Revolution" is a year-long video and print journalism collaboration project, looking into the roots and impact of the plant-protein phenomenon that’s exploding across the globe. The project is a partnership between Pioneer PBS, West Central Tribune and WORLD Channel, with funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. 

Over the course of the next year, Pioneer PBS will produce six stories examining the impact of plant-based proteins on current agricultural, cultural and dietary trends – and on the rural community of Dawson.


Minnesota's Alt Meat Revolution | Preview

How will the small ag town of Dawson, MN be impacted by the plant-based protein revolution?

Episode one: The Smell of Money

Plant-based meat replacements are the food innovations of the 21st Century. But in Dawson, Minnesota, local industry has been plant based for over 70 years! Since 1951, soybean processing has dominated Dawson’s economy – what lessons can be learned by looking back to Dawson’s early advances in the plant-based marketplace?

Episode two: The Great Burger Taste-Off

Dive into the motivations behind PURIS, the largest processor of yellow pea protein in North America. In 2018 and 2019, Cargill invested a combined $100 million in PURIS, which led the company on a path to Dawson, Minnesota where they purchased and retrofitted a facility to be a state-of-the-art yellow field pea processing facility. This facility is the largest operating yellow field pea processing facility in North America. 

Episode three: Give Peas a Chance?

Learn about how PURIS, the largest operating processor of pea protein in North America, sources their peas and how peas fit into Minnesota’s ag landscape. Hear from farmers in Langdon, ND and Dawson, MN about why they do or don't grow the PURIS pea. Learn about the role that crop insurance plays in the business of farming and how farmers are thinking about improving soil health and water quality

Episode four: What's for Dinner?

The residents of the small rural community of Dawson, Minnesota recently welcomed a new neighbor — PURIS, the largest processor of yellow pea protein in the country. This episode explores if the presence of the new processing plant has driven local people to eat more plant-based proteins.

Episode five: Everybody Loves Jobs

Explore the impact that PURIS – the largest operating processor of pea protein in North America – had on the local job, childcare and housing economies in the small, rural town of Dawson.

Episode six: Looking forward

➡ Coming Soon

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