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Watch the 2nd WHEELS Special! Out Now! 

The new special shifts into drive. Watch it now!


The special is are also available on our stations video portal website and YouTube Channel

Discover the stories behind a 1954 Nash Metropolitan called "Sweet Pea” and meet Greg Korfe from Long Prairie, MN and his rare original 1976 Ford Torino "Starsky and Hutch" edition.  Don Korstad of Sacred Heart has completed a full restoration of a 1928 Chevrolet AB National Coach, Steve Meixner is the owner of a 1912 Hudson Model 33 - 5 passenger touring car. Bruce Van Sloun, President of the Antique Car Run talks about the New London to New London Antique Car Run. Craig Lovold of Spicer, MN tells about his unique 1988 VIXEN XC and his 1958 BMW Isetta 300. Paul Schaeffer from Valley City, Ohio talks about the history and connection to his 1908 Ford Model S Roadster.  View a few of the cars displayed at the Sunburg Trolls Car Show in Sunburg, MN and Scott Tofte from Madison Minnesota owns Tofte Auto & Sales and New World Salvage, your source for 60’s to 70’s steel bumper muscle cars. 


WHEELS: Classics & Collections | 2nd Gear

Watch the 1st WHEELS Special! Out Now! 

The special is are also available on our stations video portal website and YouTube Channel

Since the creation of the wheel around 3500 B.C., there have been steady improvements and uses for the wheel. Today, wheels are used in cars, trucks, airplanes, bicycles, trains, toys and many more devices.

Pioneer PBS Executive Producer Timothy Hale Bakken traveled to regional car shows, threshing bees, farm shows, museums and specialty shops in search of the stories featured in this new program. Interviewees featured in WHEELS include Dan Dripps of Morris, Ed Lipinski of Watson, Marcy Schramm of Tracy, Vaughn Veit of Buffalo, Kevin Backstrand of Ortonville, Virgil Fults of Morris, Lyle Hoidal of Montevideo, Doug Schriener of Pennock, Lorwin Zahrbock of Madison and Wally Kill of Morris.


WHEELS: Classics & Collections

Explore the interesting connection that people have with wheels.



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This program is made possible by contributions from the voters of Minnesota through a legislative appropriation from the

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