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Scandinavian Culture


Viking-era folk art traditions are alive and well.  Pioneer PBS tells stories about Scandinavian folk arts and cultural traditions as they are being practiced in Norway, Sweden and the Upper Midwest.


If you like what you see, watch more Pioneer PBS videos here:



Meet some of the last few people still building boats in the old Norwegian tradition.


Watch traditional Swedish textile arts, sewing, blacksmithing and woodworking.


Harley Refsal is an award-winning flat plane figure carver from Decorah, Iowa



Pieper Bloomquist masters the art of Swedish dalmålning and bonadsmålning.


Master woodworker Mark Hansen is a designer and builder of wooden boats and shelters.


Watch Luthier Arnie Anderson create beautiful string instruments.


Pioneer Specials

The film explores the culture surrounding the Hardanger fiddle.

Sympathetic Strings

A film by Pioneer PBS exploring the Hardanger fiddle traditions in Minnesota.


Karen Jenson

Karen Jenson reflects on her life and lengthy career as a renowned rosemaler.




Gene Tokheim and Jon Roisen are award-winning knifemakers dedicated to passing the craft.


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