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We know how hard you work to be the best teacher you can be for your students. 

That’s why we created PBS LearningMedia, a trusted source for media-rich classroom resources developed to spark students’ curiosity and support effective and equitable teaching and learning.

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Engage your students 

with relevant, student-centric, and developmentally appropriate media.

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Deepen your impact

with thoughtfully-designed resources and lesson plans developed with teachers and subject-matter experts to support essential skills like critical thinking and problem solving.

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Simplify your planning

with FREE, flexible, and easy-to-use tools
and resources from PBS LearningMedia.

Customize resources to meet your changing instructional needs. 

Here are examples of how fellow teachers have used PBS LearningMedia!

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Incorporate media early on in an experience to spark children’s interest, conversations, and questions on a given topic.

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Incorporate PBS KIDS characters as a way to model behaviors, skills and approaches to learning that can scaffold opportunities to discuss and practice those same habits through real-world activities.

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Share a quick 3 to 5-minute video with your students, followed by a guiding discussion.

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Share video clips or interactive lessons with students to help
establish background or provide additional context and perspectives.

Pioneer PBS LearningMedia

PBS LearningMedia Features

  • FREE access for every teacher across America
  • Thousands of classroom-ready resources aligned to state and national standards
  • All core subjects, PreK-12, with added emphasis on science and social studies
  • Developed with teachers and subject-matter experts
  • Engaging and relevant resources — including many bilingual resources — from popular and trusted PBS and PBS KIDS programs like SUPER WHY!, MOLLY OF DENALI™, WILD KRATTS, and DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD, and organizations like Fred Rogers Productions and the Smithsonian Institution
  • Compatibility with common platforms like Google Classroom, Schoology Learning, Clever, and Remind
  • Flexible tools to create one-of-a-kind learning experiences
  • Self-paced professional learning

Jumpstart Students’ Learning

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Can You Guess the Bard? Shakespeare or Taylor Swift!

Happy Birthday to Shakespeare! We have a hunch he would have loved Taylor Swift. Test your ability to identify if a line is from Shakespeare or Taylor Swift in this video from the National Theatre where your students decide if the quote is from the bard of today or the past. Then, extend the game with your class by coming up with their own versions using a different songwriter.

Read "I Started Early—Took My Dog" by Emily Dickinson

This video segment from Poetry Everywhere incorporates animation in soft swirling color to illustrate Emily Dickinson's poem "I started Early—Took my Dog." Use Dickinson’s writing about the changing nature of the sea to help your students explore themes of adventure, escape, and the depths of the self.

Explore Rhyming with Sesame Street's Sons of Poetry 

The perfect rhyme DOES exist! Celebrate National Poetry Month in style with the Sons of Poetry as they circle their bikes to help the poets find the ideal rhyme. You can encourage your young learners to explore poetry and practice rhyming using this hilarious parody video.

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Access classroom-ready resources inspired by Pioneer PBS documentaries

Pioneer PBS documentaries offer a unique perspective into the artistic practices of Scandinavian and Native communities in America, particularly in southwest and western Minnesota. These videos showcase the efforts of master artists and craftspeople in preserving their cultural identity through practices such as Sami-inspired bracelet making, Dakota quill working, Norwegian knifemaking and Dakota beadworking. The classroom-ready resources provided by Pioneer PBS are an excellent tool for educators to impart knowledge about these cultural traditions to younger generations. By exploring these resources, students can gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the rich cultural heritage of these communities.

(Click an image to view a specific lesson plan)

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Quill Work Lesson Plan
Knifemaking Lesson Plan
Karen Jenson Lesson Plan
Super Lesson Plan
Makaćhèga Lesson Plan
Sámi-Inspired Bracelets
Talon/Blacksmith Lesson Plan
Roger Abrahamson Lesson Plan
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Bring the World to Your Classroom

Pioneer PBS and PBS have curated FREE, curriculum-aligned videos, interactives, lesson plans, and more for teachers like you.


Some of the tools covered in these webinars include:

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As the new school year begins, many teachers, students, and families are entering an uncertain time with new routines and potential disruptions. To support remote learning from anywhere, PBS LearningMedia has curated a special collection of flexible resources. The collection includes a variety of tools to support learning, including videos, self-paced interactive lessons, printable activities, and more. Whether you're teaching in-person or virtually, PBS LearningMedia has the resources you need to support student learning.

 Learn More about PreK-12 Resources for New School Routines on LearningMedia 

Pioneer PBS Player Selections & LearningMedia Topics for School 

WWII Story

96-year-old Robert Millsaps tells his story of service in WWII.

Watch on

Kernza is on track to becoming the world's first commercial perennial grain crop.

Hmong Culture in Walnut Grove

Learn about the vibrant Hmong culture in Walnut Grove, MN.

Centered on Wolves

Wolf expert Dave Mech, International Wolf Center and snowmobiling in the northeast.

Fighting Saints Marching Band

Generations connect through music at the 75th Commemoration of Pearl Harbor.

Understanding CWD

Learn about CWD and what’s being done to control the disease in deer populations.

WWII Museum Boxcar

A 118 year old railroad boxcar finds a new home at the center of a WWII museum exhibit.

Starry Trek Investigators

Starry Trek engages volunteer groups in checking lakes for starry stonewort.

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