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Pioneer SpecialsFrozen in Time: The Vietnam War

Meet Vietnam War photographer, Gary Bipes, whose lens captured the soul of a nation.

Pioneer SpecialsNight Wings: OSS Carpetbagger Ops

Explore WWII secrets with Veteran Robert Holmstrom, uncovering OSS history.

Pioneer SpecialsWWII Ace: A Hero's Experience | Legion Baseball Banquet

Ace pilot Don McPherson shares his WWII experiences at American Legion Baseball banquet.

Pioneer SpecialsCare Under Fire

In Care Under Fire, Bill Strusinski recounts his times as a medic in Vietnam.

Pioneer SpecialsVietnam Remembered: Western/Southwestern Minnesota

Local people remember their experiences during the Vietnam War era.

Pioneer SpecialsVeterans Day 2017

Special Veterans Day program recorded at the Fagan Fighters WWII Museum in Granite Falls.


PostcardsBob Brix, WWII Oral History

Bob Brix is a WWII US Marine Veteran who served in many areas of the Pacific.

PostcardsDelvin Owen, WWII Oral History

Delvin Owen is a WWII U.S. Naval Reserve Veteran who operated test flights on aircraft.

PostcardsPaul Wojahn, WWII Oral History

Paul Wojahn is a WWII US Marine who fought as a pioneer soldier in the Pacific Theater.

PostcardsFay Hendricks, WWII Oral History

Fay Hendricks is a WWII U.S. Army Veteran who served in the Philippines.

PostcardsBill Friberg, WWII Oral History

Bill Friberg is a WWII U.S. Marine Veteran who served as an airplane mechanic.

PostcardsWilliam Homan, WWII Oral History

William Homan is a WWII US Air Corps Veteran who served as a a mechanic on a b-17 bomber.

PostcardsRay Fagen Memorial Airshow

Ray Fagen Airshow in Granite Falls, MN is a biyearly event held at Fagen Fighters Museum.

PostcardsHarlan Rosvold, WWII Oral History

Harlan Rosvold was a WWII US Marine Corps Veteran who served in the Pacific theater.

PostcardsPaul Fynboh, WWII Oral History

Paul Fynboh is a US Navy veteran who served as Electrician and loader in WWII.

PostcardsVietnam Survival Story with Eugene Murphy

Vietnam veterans Gene Murphy and Lyle Bowes of Sioux Falls tell their stories.

Postcards40 Thieves on Saipan

40 Thieves on Saipan is a love letter from a son to his WWII vet father.

PostcardsDon McPherson

WWII Navy Ace Don McPherson shares his story.

Postcards1969 USS Enterprise Fire

Woody Peet, Dave Jerpseth and Lynell Leasman talk about the USS Enterprise Fire.

PostcardsMajestic Chaos

The biggest bomb in US history detonated on March 1 1954 & USMC veteran Bob Bormann saw it

PostcardsPostcards: Dave Hansen, Vietnam Veteran

Learn about the Vietnam War from Dave Hanson and the ongoing struggle with PTSD.

PostcardsCraig Tschetter, Vietnam War Vet

Learn about the the book Fifteen Minutes Ago: A Vietnam War Memoir by Craig Tschetter.

PostcardsInventor Don Husby

Don Husby secured more than 25 patents for his lighting inventions and other innovations.

PostcardsWWII Story

96-year-old Robert Millsaps tells his story of service in WWII.

PostcardsWWII Museum Boxcar

A 118 year old railroad boxcar finds a new home at the center of a WWII museum exhibit.

PostcardsVietnam Story

Charlie Hettling talks about his experience as a soldier during the Vietnam War.

PostcardsFagen Fighters & History Preservation

Learn more about Fagen Fighters WWII Museum in Granite Falls, Minnesota.

PostcardsWorld War II Veteran

Hear a story from a World War II vet told at the Fagen Fighters Museum in Granite Falls.

PostcardsWillmar War Memorial Room

Willmar War Auditorium is featured.

PostcardsEarl Orr

Memories from US Navy veteran, Earl W. Orr.

PostcardsWar Stories: Stan Reeves

Local veteran tells his story at the Fagen Fighters WWII Museum.

PostcardsHonor Flight Southwest Minnesota, Part 1

A documentary detailing a trip to Washington D.C. by 100 World War II veterans from SW MN.

PostcardsHonor Flight Southwest Minnesota, Part 2

An overview of 2010 programming produced by Pioneer Public Television.


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Prairie SportsmanHealing Purple Hearts

Purple Heart recipients participate in a hunting and fishing event with other veterans.

Prairie Sportsman40 Year Pheasant

Former Conservation Officer Darin Fagerman hunts pheasants for the first time in 40 years.

Prairie SportsmanLake of the Woods Memorial

The late Mark Bode, a U.S. Navy veteran, is memorialized at Lake of the Woods.

Prairie SportsmanOne of a Kind

An army sergeant who lost an arm is presented with a custom-made rod and reel.

Prairie SportsmanVeterans Appreciation Hunt

Nobles County Pheasants Forever hosts an annual Veterans Appreciation Hunt.

Prairie SportsmanNational Guard Pheasant Hunt

The Annual Minnesota National Guard Pheasant Hunt near Holloway, Minnesota