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House District 8A, 8B & Senate District 8

House District 8A

Candidates Jordan Rasmusson (R-Fergus Falls) and Brittney Johnson (DFL-Underwood).

House District 8B

Rep. Mary Franson (R-Alexandria) and Carol Wenner (DFL-Alexandria).

Meet the Candidates: Senate District 8

House District 17A, 17B & Senate District 17

Meet The Candidates

House District 17A

House District 17A Rep. Tim Miller (R-Prinsburg) and Ben Dolan (DFL-Appleton).

Meet The Candidates

House District 17B

House District 17B Rep. Dave Baker (R-Willmar) and challenger Logan Kortgard (DFL-Willmar)

Meet The Candidates

Senate District 17

Sen. Andrew Lang (R-Olivia) and challenger Fernando Alvarado (DFL-Willmar).

House District 22A & Senate District 22

House District 22A

Representative Joe Schomacker (R) of Luverne and Chris Baumberger (DFL) of Slayton.

Senate District 22

Senator Bill Weber (R-Luverne) and challenger Shawna Marshall (DFL-Luverne).

House District 12B & 12A

House District 12B

Paul Anderson (R-Starbuck) and challenger Ben Schirmers (DFL-Sauk Centre).

House District 12A

Jeff Backer (R-Browns Valley) and Murray Smart (DFL-Ortonville).