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Montevideo to Montevideo

Be it mon-tuh-vi-dey-oh or vid-ee-oh, the joint sister city relationship between the two Montevideos has been around since 1905.  And every year during the Montevideo Fiesta Days city festival, this sister city relationship is celebrated. Here are some videos Pioneer PBS staff have had a hand in creating that showcase this relationship. Enjoy!

Pioneer PBS

Hola Montevideo with Anna Moore

The youth of Montevideo, Minnesota show the connections between this small town and its big Sister City in South America

Movistar Uruguay

4G Movistar - Montevideo Minnesota

Conocé la nueva Campaña #4GMovistar y descubrí cómo Seba terminó en otro Montevideo muy diferente al que conocés!;)


Montevideo Public Art Unveiling

Recently the community of Montevideo, Minnesota gathered to formally unveil and dedicate a new mural on Artigas Plaza on Main Street.

Artist Shawn McCann created the mural to honor the sister city relationship between the two Montevideo's that has been in existence since 1905.

The project was funded from a combination of funding from the City of Montevideo, the Southwest Minnesota Arts Council and private contributions. For more information, call the Montevideo Area Chamber of Commerce at 320-269-5527.


Hello Montevideo

"Hello Montevideo" explores the relationship between Montevideo MN (pop 5000) and Montevideo, Uruguay (pop 1 million) through the eyes of videographers, photographers and contemporary youth. Produced by Pioneer Public TV’s award winning producer Dana Johnson, videography by Joah Colby and Ben Dempcy, edited by Kevin Russell. Lowell Hellervik, Executive Producer.


Postcards: Candombe

Learn about the international relationship between Montevideo, MN, and it’s sister city in Uruguay, through the music of candombe drumming.


Federico Estol

See the photography of Federico Estol.