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Grow Our Own: Supporting Our Kids from Cradle to Career is a 30-minute television program about the Southwest Initiative Foundation’s November 2018 Grow Our Own Summit. This event explored what Southwestern Minnesota will look like for the next generation and the role all community members play in helping to support our kids. National experts shared trends and two-generation approaches that can improve economic realities for kids and families. Local speakers shared personal stories and replicable models of what’s working right here in Southwestern Minnesota.

Grow Our Own is a regional movement to ensure all kids have the opportunities they need to reach their full potential. Learn more about the event, including full speaker bios and presentation materials, by visiting

Pioneer SpecialsGrow Our Own: Supporting Our Kids—From Cradle to Career

Learning how to support all our kids and the communities they call home.

2018 Grow Our Own Speakers

For the best viewing experience, it is recommended to download and follow along with the speakers presentation slides. Links to the slides are available below each video.

Restoring the American Dream:
What Would It Take to Dramatically Increase Mobility from Poverty

Nisha Patel

Nisha Patel served as executive director of the US Partnership on Mobility from Poverty.

My Story:
Why We Must Upgrade Our Commitment to Community

Gigi Bisong

Gigi Bisong is a freelance corporate and motivational speaker.

Building Wealth for Families and Employees:
Key Lessons and Implications for Employee Financial Wellness

Ray Boshara

Ray Boshara works for the Center for Household Financial Stability.

Cascade Engineering:
A Triple Bottom Line Company

Keith Maki

Cascade Engineering uses innovative approaches that benefit employees and manufacturing.

Providing Support That Empowers

Providing Support that Empowers

Personal stories and replicable models of what’s working right here in SW Minnesota.

Download presentation files for:
Renville County Jail

Read full biographies for:
Rhoda Hubbard | Teddy
Renville County Jail
Ned Wohlman | Matthew Mallery
Adry Stafford | Blanca Palma

Language as Healing

Vanessa Goodthunder

Vanessa's passions are education, revitalizing Dakota language & working with Native youth

About Southwest Initiative Foundation

Southwest Initiative Foundation is an independent community foundation supported by individuals, families, businesses and organizations who want to strengthen the 18 counties and two Native Nations of Southwestern Minnesota. The foundation is committed to ensuring this is a region where all people thrive.

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