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Prairie Sportsman celebrates our love of the outdoors to hunt, fish and recreate provided by Minnesota’s vast resources of lakes, rivers, trails and grasslands. The weekly half-hour show, hosted by Bret Amundson, takes viewers on adventures around the state and features outdoor sports and recreation, environmental science and ways to restore and protect natural resources.

Living with Wolves

Prairie Sportsman productions and talent have received 14 nominations and three Upper Midwest Emmy® awards. In 2020, an Emmy was awarded to “Living With Wolves,” about world-renowned wolf researcher Dave Mech who founded the International Wolf Center, and to Bret Amundson in the “Program Host/Moderator” category.

Producer Cindy Dorn was nominated in the “Writer” category and nominated stories included “Carrol’s Wild Life” about the DNR Nongame Wildlife Supervisor Carrol Henderson who led restoration of trumpeter swans, peregrine falcons and other endangered species; “The Sled Dog Capital” featuring the WolfTrack Classic Sled Dog Race in Ely and the role sled dogs play in northern Minnesota's workforce; “Driftless” that showcases southeast Minnesota’s dramatic topography, timber rattlesnakes, Mystery Cave and the Root River State Trail; and “Exploring Red Lake” featuring ice fishing at Red Lake Nation, a double decker fish house and The Lost 40. Last year, seven Prairie Sportsman productions were nominated and the “Pollinator Friendly Solar” story received an Upper Midwest Emmy.

In 2016, a Minnesota Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund grant enabled Pioneer Public Television to bring Prairie Sportsman out of a five-year hiatus and produce new seasons of the popular show that airs on all Minnesota PBS stations.

Prairie Sportsman crew

Cindy Dorn, Producer/Writer
Bret Amundson, Host/Assistant Producer

Dylan Curfman, Editor/Videographer

Former Pioneer PBS videographer Max Grabow’s work will continue to be featured in Prairie Sportsman productions through 2021.