What does it mean to be a man in modern rural America? How has that changed over the past 50 years? Does it matter? Why?

As Lac qui Parle County native Robert Bly noted in his 1992 bestseller, "Iron John," there is no such thing as the "American man" — no set of characteristics that remains constant over decades. The goal of this web series from PioneerDigital Studios is to create, not a definition, but a cartography of modern rural masculinity, as it is revealed through interviews with local men of differing ages and socioeconomic backgrounds.
When you were growing up, was there a man in your life who you wanted to be like?
When do you think you first became a man?
Is there anything you don't talk to your male friends about?
What do you think is the role of men in family and community life?
Is there anything about yourself that people might consider "unmanly"?

About the Director
Brendan Stermer is a writer and new media producer from Montevideo, Minnesota. He is the creator, most recently, of Interesting People Reading Poetry, and a recipient of a 2017 Minnesota State Arts Board Grant in media arts.

​This project was made possible by the University of Minnesota, Morris Center for Small Towns with funding from the Otto Bremer Trust.
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