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The View From Here is an experimental digital series highlighting the multitude of experiences, points of view and interests from rural Minnesota. What's your view from here?

Shari Lamke | Pioneer PBS's new president and general manager

After 37 years at Twin Cities PBS, Shari is getting back to her rural roots.

Larissa Schwenk | Reading is Exciting!

Larissa Schwenk, head librarian of the Montevideo, Granite Falls, Clara City and Milan libraries, talks about one particular genre of books that inspired a whole new group of people—some people who had never gone into her libraries before—to be excited about reading.

"If people want spicy books, find them some spicy authors!"

Kyle Klausing | Small Town Journalism

Kyle Klausing is the editor of the Granite Falls Tribune and talks about the importance of locally owned, small town newspapers.

"Having that real local rootedness I think is really important.

Shelly Elkington | Fierce Advocacy

Shelly Elkington jumped headfirst into opioid reform after her daughter died from an accidental overdose.

"I had to do this. I had to help."

Ashley Hanson | Small Town Artistic Infusion

Ashley Hanson is the founder of the Department of Public Transformation and the mind behind the Yes! House and the City Artist-in-Residence program in Granite Falls.

"Yes we’re making theater, but we’re also advocates for rural culture and rural places."

Nicole Zempel | Interconnected

This View From Here comes from MinnesotaWest enrollment specialist and mycophile Nicole Zempel. She talks about her experience in the woods, learning about the interconnectedness of the fungus, trees and people.

"Just like in nature, so too with us. Everything is one."