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“Muskies and Living High” coming up on Prairie Sportsman
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Photo of Randin Olson.

Download a photo of Randin Olson.


GRANITE FALLS, Minn. —  Muskie fishing at Maplewood State Park and Treehouse Masters inspired cabins in central Minnesota are coming up on Prairie Sportsman. “Muskies and Living High” will air on Pioneer PBS Sunday, February 21 at 7:30 p.m. For air dates and times on other Minnesota PBS stations go to

Host Bret Amundson is muskie fishing with Randin Olson at Maplewood State Park where they hooked numerous muskies despite the species’ reputation as the fish of 10,000 casts. They fished Beers Lake, one of eight lakes nestled inside the 9,250 acre state park. Randin shows Bret the best techniques, lures and conditions for successful muskie fishing.  

The next segment features two central Minnesota couples who built sky high guest cabins. In both cases, one spouse had to convince the other that a Treehouse Masters inspired cabin wasn’t just a crazy dream. Joyce LaVoie convinced her husband Richard to build their Long Prairie Treehouse as a place for their children’s families to stay when they visited and now rent it out to other guests. Nearby in Upsala, Jill Zasadny convinced her spouse Joan Wingert to build their Star-Gazer Sky Cabin after another guest cabin on their property quickly filled up vacancies when they put it on Airbnb. Both are creatively designed with repurposed materials and ingenuity. 

Prairie Sportsman celebrates our love of the outdoors to hunt, fish and recreate, provided by our vast resources of lakes, rivers, trails and grasslands, and to promote environmental stewardship. 

About Prairie Sportsman

Prairie Sportsman’s team includes Cindy Dorn, producer/writer; Bret Amundson, host/editor; and Dylan Curfman, editor/videographer. The 2021 season is made possible by funding from SafeBasements of Minnesota, Live Wide Open, Western Minnesota Prairie Waters and members of Pioneer PBS.

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