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Pioneer PBS sends film crew to Norway
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Postcards team Kristofor Gieske, Ben Dempcy and Dana Conroy.
Kristofor Gieske (left), Ben Dempcy (center) and Dana Conroy (right).

Download a photo of the Postcards team Kristofor Gieske, Ben Dempcy and Dana Conroy.

GRANITE FALLS, Minn. — The award-winning Pioneer PBS Postcards team of Dana Conroy, Ben Dempcy and Kristofor Gieske is flying to Norway to document how Scandinavian master artisans continue to keep tradition alive and how that same passion is connected to and inspires artistic and cultural traditions in the Upper Midwest. The stories they capture will be woven into Season 11 of Postcards, which will begin airing in January 2020.

“We hope to uncover the stories behind the music of the hardanger fiddle and how it made its way to hold such a beloved place in Norwegian and Norwegian-American history,” said Conroy. “We want to know more about the people keeping the musical tradition alive today, “ she added.

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