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Clay Artist, Letterpress Printing, Portrait Artist

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GRANITE FALLS, Minn., February 15, 2024 - The upcoming episode of Postcards features Earth clay artist, Grace Vanderbush, who creates national park scenes out of clay, Bruno Press which puts a hip, new spin on an old printing tradition, and Krystl Louwagie who creates portraits and comics inspired by everyday life. “Clay Artist, Letterpress Printing, Portrait Artist” airs on Pioneer PBS on Thursday, February 22 at 7 p.m. and repeats the following Sunday at 7 p.m. and Monday at 1:30 p.m.                                 

Grace Vanderbush, of Earth Clay, creates tiny clay sculptures of the United States national parks and turns them into fashionable jewelry that you can even wear while hiking. “I've always been really drawn to any art medium that is very tactile. I love the texture of clay. 

It's an easy medium to just pick up and start working with. There's not a lot of prep. There's not a lot of cleanup. I make art all the time. All of my worksheets in high school were just covered in doodles. It's always what I'm doing, so to have something that I can just grab and start making art is something that I've always been drawn to.”

Mary Bruno has a letterpress printing shop in St. Joseph, Minnesota and strives to make a difference with her art. Bruno Press is a woman-owned printshop — working to preserve the craft of letterpress, promote love and kindness, and create art that makes people stop and smile. Everything created and produced by Bruno Press is designed and created in Mary Bruno’s rural St. Joseph, Minnesota studio on old-school 100-year-old presses.

“I would say that Bruno Press is 100% an homage to my dad. I think that he was an amazing designer, he was an incredible printer and silk screen artist. And coming back into this space and being surrounded by everything my dad had, it is what motivates me and it's always been about that.”

Krystl Louwagie creates portraits and comics inspired by everyday life. Her interest in art began early in life through illustrated fairy tale books, superhero comics and animated cartoons. 

“Art helps with connection. And even with the comic books, you start finding out that ... I started making comics, because I was kind of lonely and depressed and wanted that connection, and then suddenly you realize, oh, so are other people. I'm not the only one that's like this, even though I felt like I was.”

Credits: Executive Producer Dana Conroy, Videographers/Editors Ben Dempcy, Kristofor Gieske

About Postcards
Postcards is an award-winning art, culture and history program, produced by Dana Conroy with videography and editing by Kristofor Gieske and Ben Dempcy. The program is made possible by contributions from the voters of Minnesota through a legislative appropriation from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. The 2024 season is made possible by funding fromShalom Hill Farm, Explore Alexandria Tourism, Lake Region Arts Council, KRAM 96.7, Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies and members of Pioneer PBS.

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