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Coming Into View — Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a comprehensive campaign needed?

Moving into a new facility (18,000 sq. ft.) presents both challenges and opportunities for growth that go beyond bricks and mortar. Pioneer PBS is conducting this Campaign after a feasibility study determined the goal of $2.5 million. This Campaign is the third component of the funding sources to bring the project to fruition and here is how these three funding sources fit together:

Ron and Diane Fagen gifted the land and the building which is located along Hwy. 23 just south of Granite Falls.

The Minnesota State Legislature granted Pioneer $1.9 million for equipment and towers used to run the new studio.

We now ask our members, area businesses and foundations to invest in the future of Pioneer for the increased capacity and the engagement of our region in this endeavor.

**See pie chart as to how a gift to the Campaign will be used and where you fit in.**

How can I give?

Options include:

Cash gifts of any amount, gifts of stock, securities, grain and life insurance.

Payments can be made by check, credit/debit card or your bank account.

Gifts can be made over a period of three years, annually, monthly or quarterly.

Planned gifts — made through your will or estate plans.

Recognition opportunities are available for gifts $1,000 and higher. Let us know if you have questions.

Where did Pioneer find top donors for this Campaign?

Pioneer PBS, with the guidance of the consultants, put together a steering committee consisting of 16 community individuals from around our region. They put together their own lists of people, businesses and foundations that they know and are involved with and asked them for support during what is commonly known as the "quiet phase" of this Campaign.

All staff, board, community advisory board, volunteers and steering committee have also made a donation.

Will the public be asked for their support?

Yes! Paula Kerger, president of PBS, came to Pioneer PBS’ new facility on April 27-28 to launch the "public phase" of this Campaign. Major donors, investors, businesses and staff enjoyed Paula’s presentation about PBS and the work local stations do in the regions they serve.

Campaign staff, support staff and volunteers will continue to meet with interested members, groups and businesses and ask for their support. We will also take advantage of our programming options, mailing capabilities and special events to give everyone in our region various opportunities to give.

How long will the Campaign run?

The Campaign consultants began work in September of 2015 and officially commenced its "quiet phase" January 2016. April of 2018 marked the beginning of the "public phase" of the campaign and will commence until we have reached our $2.5 million goal.

When will all staff be on-site at the new facility?

As towers are erected and new equipment ordered and installed, the folks in our Appleton site will move to the Granite Falls facility. Currently, 21 people are occupying offices on the new campus and 3 are in Appleton.

Who is leading the Campaign?

Campaign staff includes board chair Pat Kubly, Janet Suckow, director of individual giving and Sally Rakow, major gifts officer. Our staff, board, community advisory board and steering committee are valuable ambassadors to this campaign. Most importantly, they bring enthusiasm and excitement to the conversations they have with donors that provide momentum that is needed for the success of the campaign.

Have additional questions? Contact us!
Call 800.726.3178 and ask for Janet Suckow, Sally Rakow or Les Heen, our general manager.