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Pioneer meets $200,000 challenge match as Campaign enters next phase
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Granite Falls Bank match met

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GRANITE FALLS, Minn — Pioneer Public Television announced that a $200,000 challenge matching gift from the Granite Falls Bank was met at the end of 2018. This means that more than $400,000 will be contributed to the station's Coming Into View comprehensive campaign which has a goal of $2.5 million. So far, the Campaign has raised $1.5 million from members, donors and area businesses.

"Meeting this milestone is important as we continue to gather support for our Coming Into View Campaign and the future of local television," stated Janet Suckow, campaign director. "The Campaign is a regional community effort to help us make the most of our new studio in Granite Falls," she added.

Although the matching gift challenge has been met, Pioneer will continue to seek support for the campaign. “Moving into a new facility presents both challenges and opportunities for growth that go beyond bricks and mortar,” said Pioneer general manager Les Heen. “Pioneer’s goal is to offer more locally and nationally produced, award-winning programs that bring stories into viewers’ homes from around the world and our own communities,” he added.

According to Heen, the station will use the funds from the Campaign to invest in the latest technologies, the training and the people to use them so the station can create and broadcast high-quality content and connect to the mobile platforms of the future.

The Campaign also seeks to create a reserve fund to support new opportunities and the natural fluctuations of revenue over time.

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