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Prairie Sportsman host Bret Amundson with Rick Schara.

Live Wide Open has been an underwriter of Pioneer for three years and we love to support the business who support us! This week, Ginny on the Road is giving a shout out to the “Welcome Home” open houses, sponsored by Live Wide Open, happening in Barnesville, Battle Lake, Fergus Falls and Perham on Dec. 22.

Live Wide Open coordinator Rick Schara said the idea is simple: “When families gather for the holidays, we’re inviting them to take a little time for coffee and see for themselves how their hometown is thriving.” Schara said these open houses are a way for current and former residents to stay connected. “There’s a lot of hometown pride, so if you have family back for the holidays, this gives you an activity you can brag about.” Each community will share changes and improvements made to their town.

These open houses are a chance for visitors to remember why small-town living is so desirable. “Many people have grown up around here and found their way back,” Schara said. “They want that quality of life for their family that we sometimes take for granted. So let’s show why we love our towns!”

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Open houses will feature morning tours, coffee, treats and fun activities starting at 9 a.m. The venues are:


The Stoneridge Software world headquarters, 118 Front Street, in downtown Barnesville has completely renovated the old downtown T. Gunness building. That iconic location has gone through many uses since it was built in 1899.


The Battle Lake Area Childcare Center opened for business in the fall of 2018. The town saw a need for childcare and took on the issue in a big way! Hear about other community renovations in the future. The area center is located at 503 S. OIaf Ave.


Three exciting locations to check out: the community room at the new public library renovation, historic city hall and a Lincoln Avenue restaurant business opportunity. Hear about the riverfront development plans and see a flyover virtual reality presentation of those plans at city hall along with Santa. Local fourth-graders will create “homecoming postcards” for visitors.


The new Perham High School opened at 800 Coney St. W. and held its open house in the fall of 2018. This is an extra opportunity to see this amazing facility, spur discussion on other town improvements, and a chance to connect with job and business opportunities.
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